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From the how to meet someone from an online dating site:
how to make money with an online dating site green bytes how to make a dating relationship work n.     (also how to create a online dating website green words) how to make dating a friend work 1. Meta-information embedded in a file, such as the length of the file or its name; as opposed to keeping such information in a separate description file or record. The term comes from an IBM user's group meeting (ca. 1962) at which these two approaches were being debated and the diagram of the file on the blackboard had the how to excel in online dating green bytes drawn in green. dating sim maker free 2. By extension, the non-data bits in any self-describing format. "A GIF file contains, among other things, green bytes describing the packing method for the image." Compare how to make my dating website successful out-of-band, pou spiel für handy kostenlos herunterladen zigamorph, pou spiele kostenlos runterladen fence (sense 1).
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